All I Want for Christmas is a Chemical-free Hat to Cool My Head

This Christmas ask Santa for a Sunice ensemble just like Brooke Henderson wears. And tell him please not to forget one of the new Coolcore golf hats everyone is talking about.

I’m a big believer in buying Canadian products—especially at Christmas, a season that can make-or-break a manufacturer.

Canada's own Brooke Henderson promotes Sunice products. (Image: Brooke Henderson)

Canada’s own Brooke Henderson promotes Sunice products. (Image: Brooke Henderson)

I’ve talked before about my fondness for the products of Montreal-based Sunice. No fewer than four Sunice rain jackets hang in my closet. I’m so fond of those jackets that I wear them even when I’m not golfing.

Based in Montreal, Sunice has earned an international reputation for the quality, stylishness and durability of its products. Since expanding into golf wear in 1992, Sunice’s product roster has grown to include shirts, bags, gloves, hats, jackets, sweaters, pants, shorts, shirts and socks.

Sunice provided the outerwear for the international team at the 2015 Presidents Cup, part of a continuing partnership with the PGA Tour. Several of the world’s leading players, men and women, endorse the company’s products.

Canada’s own Brooke Henderson is prominent among Sunice’s roster of stars. The native of Smiths Falls, Ontario, thrilled us all this past season when she became just the third player to win an LPGA title before her 18th birthday.

The new lightweight Coolcore golf hat. (Image: Imperial Headwear)

The new lightweight Coolcore golf hat. (Image: Imperial Headwear)

I’m convinced that Henderson has an excellent chance to one day become the top-ranked player in women’s golf. How very cool that would be for both Canada and Sunice.

Like me, do you find that wearing a golf hat is a heavy, hot and mostly oppressive experience? Then put one of the new Coolcore golf hats on your Christmas gift list. Introduced by Imperial Headwear at last winter’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, these handsome and lightweight hats have revolutionized the golf headwear business.

Coolcore hats are said to be completely free of chemicals, polymers, gels and crystals. Truthfully, I don’t quite understand how the patented technology works. But I did give the hats a thorough testing this past summer, and can report that my old noggin had never felt so cool and comfortable on a golf course.

My only disappointment is that Coolcore is an American, not a Canadian, invention.