Why Canadians—and Canadian Golf—Are Suddenly Cool

People around the world are talking about Canada thanks to our hip new prime minister, A-list celebrities that include a teenage golf sensation, and a very special golf course in Cape Breton.

All I Want for Christmas is a Chemical-free Hat to Cool My Head

This Christmas, ask Santa for a Sunice ensemble just like Brooke Henderson wears. And tell him please not to forget one of the new Coolcore golf hats everyone is talking about.

Trump Turnberry and Rusacks Hotel Go For Broke with Major Renovations

Two of Scotland’s iconic resorts are going full out to attract golf travellers. Rusacks Hotel in St. Andrews has announced a $14-million expansion, while Trump Turnberry is spending more than $500-million on a redo aimed at landing an Open Championship.

Thompson to Robinson to Carrick to You

Cottage country golf favourite South Muskoka is a shining example of how a closely connected trio of outstanding architects—Stanley Thompson, Robbie Robinson and Doug Carrick—has helped keep the Canadian game fun and fair for golfers since the 1920s.

Why I Start Every Day in St. Andrews

My morning webcam visits to the Old Course at St. Andrews connect me to the game and fuel my imagination with the possibilities of the day.